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MODUL SYSTEME is offering a unique package of technical, technological and commercial consulting services.

In-house Engineering

The requirements of a client towards the envisaged line and the available raw material form the basis of our engineering work. A competent team sources the best suitable machines and engineers them to a complete line.


Extensive know-how and decades of hands-on experience of the MODUL team ensure professional dismantling and project handling, regardless of whether it is a single machine or a complete plant.


MODUL SYSTEME has established close and long term relations to specialized workshops. Reconditioned machines are supplied with mechanical warranties and performance figures.


MODUL SYSTEME coordinates and organizes transports in a very professional manner – be it airfreighting spare parts or shipping complete lines FOB seaport, CIF or even to the customer’s site.


Close co-operation between the specialists of MODUL SYSTEME and the customer’s local team safeguard the successful completion of the work. Proper planning and co-ordination of various sub-supplies and services, professional installation documentation, backed-up by corresponding drawings, start-up
assistance and initial training of the customer’s team are also part of the package.


Plant updates, completions or modifications of existing plants also constitute the services of MODUL SYSTEME.

After Sales Service

After Sales Service comprises trouble shooting assistance, information on new developments and supply of spare and wear parts with the own in-house team.

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